My name is Dan Carey and I am running for a position on our student council. As a member of this organization, my top priority would be to bring our diverse community together by listening to your input and helping to put it into action.

If elected, I promise to plan and facilitate activities that will allow us to do this in fun, new ways. Using my experiences as an activities coordinator so far, I have played key roles in helping organize our prom, ball, student breakfast, and several other successful events throughout my three years. I will ensure that the unifying traditions of the past will continue to grow and that we will also create new, lasting ones so that everyone can get involved. I really believe that it is important for our class to feel connected and to have an identity as we start our senior experience together. With your input, we can make sure that this happens!

I ask you to take just a moment out of your busy schedules between September 17th and 19th to let your voices and opinions be heard. When the polls open, be sure to vote online!

Dan Carey for Student Council President. Thank you!